We love it when our outagesio.com customers share their success stories. Nancy sent this one in to us recently:
“I am a 75 year-old housewife, but I did work as a network administrator before retiring 18 years ago. Believe me, NOTHING in technology stays the same for 18 years, so I know very little about systems and networks today, and most every outage detector I found was way too complicated to be helpful for me. That’s when I came across outagesio.com and looked at their demo. It was something I could definitely read and understand! When the tech came yesterday, I showed him a printout of our outages monitored by outagesio.com – he was impressed and could definitely SEE that we had something wrong. He replaced some equipment and now we’re running smoothly again.”

Whether you’re digging for the details of how your Internet connection is behaving on a daily basis or just trying to figure out why your Internet is down, outagesio.com can show you what’s happening. It could be an issue on your home network, or a problem with your local ISP or something beyond the ISP and at a higher level provider. Whatever network downtime you’re experiencing, outagesio.com shows it to you in a way you can understand, whether you’re a network administrator or a home user.

Plus, our reports are printable, so you can save and email the outage reports to your provider. No more waiting on hold with technical support only to be told to reboot your router. It’s the proof you need to show them you are experiencing Internet slowdowns or outages.

Our free Community version of outagesio.com is easy to download and install. Or if you need more detailed monitoring, the Extended Reports version is just $7/month (or less if you buy 6 months or a year.) Trying to monitor more than 10 connections? Talk to us about our Organization level  monitoring. You’ll get additional maps, notifications and features to keep on top of what’s happening with your remote employees before their problems get frustrating.