OutagesIO IoT Hardware For Home Or Business Use

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Not only can you track Internet outages using OutagesIO but now you can control outlets and other devices at the same location where you have an agent installed. Best of all, our hardware does not include any sort of profiling yet provides remote control.

Avoid the profiling game

Manufacturers want you to use their apps and aren’t thrilled about technologies that try to circumvent those. They are typically adamant of providing any information that could help. In fact, they constantly make changes so ordering two devices may yield slightly different hardware versions.
Their apps are usually tied to big tech in the form of getting profiling info from your phone or ads being shown and other methods of getting some sort of income from your using their apps and hardware. Agree to being tracked or forget about using the cool new thing you bought.

If you’re like us, sick and tired of installing potentially insecure, invasive apps just to control a device or two, then you might like our new Internet of things or “IoT” offering.

Secure, non profiling smart hardware from OutagesIO

Our first phase is offering plugs and relays and we’ll add more hardware as we continue working on this.

No spying, no turning on your mic or camera or GPS and all the things you normally have to agree to just to use something you bought and paid for.

Our devices are secure. Someone driving by scanning for vulnerable hardware will not see these.
They arrive ready for you to set to your own WiFi then will no longer advertise themselves or expose WiFi details. You can change WiFi any time using your dashboard.

Support non profiling efforts by ordering today. This will allow us to continue developing and adding products and features