OutagesIO monitors your Internet and alerts you when you have connection issues and downtime.  Works for home, small business, IT companies and enterprise users.

Monitor Internet outages, track network connection reliability, and get proof you can use.

For Windows 7, 8, 10, Centos 7, 8, Debian 7, Ubuntu, ARM (Raspberry, Tinker Board, etc.). Optional hardware agent available. OutagesIO offers a FREE community version with basic tracking and outage notifications. Additional features and options available with our paid plans.

Internet outage monitoring overview for home or business

Monitor Internet outages and see where the problem is.

Rated as one of the best Internet troubleshooting tools by Comparitech


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“After a frustrating few weeks of calling customer service, getting told to reboot my modem & router, everything is fine for a while then the cycle repeats.  Then I stumbled across Outagesio.com. I loaded the software agent on my wife’s laptop, changed settings so it stayed on when she closed the cover, and started gathering data. Sure enough, outagesio.com pointed right to ISP dropping out.”


“…in the end, we switched ISPs and the problem is resolved, as proved by outagesio.com monitoring! Thanks again for such a helpful tool, and the great support. I’ll be sure to recommend the service to others.”


“While the software agent is great, I know that the hardware agent will be well worth the money, especially when my wife keeps turning off her laptop! 🙂”


“When the tech came yesterday, I showed him a printout of our outages monitored by outagesio.com – he was impressed and could definitely SEE that we had something wrong. He replaced some equipment and now we’re running smoothly again.”