Monitor Your Internet Service and Provider

Are you suffering internet outages or disruptions? Is the problem with your internet service provider?
Is there a wave broadband outage? Is Spectrum Internet down? How can you know?

Our software automatically doles it for you. Track Internet provider outages, get intelligent, automated Internet speed test results, and stay informed about any issues affecting your connection.

Say goodbye to hours of troubleshooting or asking others if their Internet is down. Most problems are in your own neighborhood. With, you’ll be armed with facts and information you’ve never had before. 

Your time is worth more than $5.95. Let our agent do the work!

OutagesIO rated as one of the best Internet troubleshooting tools by Comparitech


10 Best Monitoring Tools

Optional hardware agents

Mix software and hardware agents as needed

Use our Internet monitor software or our optional hardware agents that run the same software while adding a number of additional features. These are a one-time cost and easier to work with because everything is built in. They operate 24/7 using less than one amp of power and are self-updating. Monitoring is consistent and non-stop unlike a PC or server that may be rebooted or turned off accidentally.

Monitor remote locations like customer premises, remote equipment rooms/cabinets and much more.

  • Connect a camera – A quick and efficient way to add a remote camera to check in on things
  • DNS server – Use the built-in DNS server instead of your providers and keep your browsing information private
  • Wireless / Wifi / 4G / 5G monitoring – Ever wonder how your mobile hot spot is doing? Now you’ll know
  • Multi element environment monitoring – Get alerts to overheating, cold snaps, humidity, and much more
  • Remote Access Service – RAS gives you secure, encrypted access to remote networks without opening firewall ports

Learn more about our hardware agents here

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ISP could SEE my outages thanks to

ISP could SEE my outages thanks to

We have a great ISP, Cable Systems of Nevada. They're very small serving only our community in southern Utah (SunRiver retirement community in St George) and one community in southeast Nevada.They are very responsive, but they have been having their own problems for a...

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Local provider refused our helpful data

Local provider refused our helpful data

At a neighborhood party early this year (before covid-19), there was a conversation about the local Internet provider and just how difficult it is to get help sometimes. I decided to do some looking around and found this service. I talked a couple of neighbors into...

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Intermittent connection solved

Intermittent connection solved

A while ago I was having intermittent internet loss with my WOW service. I own my Surfboard Modem and Netgear WNDR4300v2 Router.   After a frustrating few weeks of calling WOW customer service, getting told to reboot my modem, reboot my router, everything is fine...

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Customer issue solved

Customer issue solved

In one case the problem appeared to have existed on the customer's equipment, but I had an ongoing saga with their previous ISP trying to get them to repair a VDSL line fault. They repaired the line but outages were still occurring somewhere within the ISP equipment,...

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End the mystery of Internet problems!

Is Spectrum down? Is my Internet provider down? Is the Internet down?
Outage sites and a speed test won’t tell you if problems are closer, and with your provider.

How do you know if you are experiencing an Internet issue today or if the service you’re trying to reach is down? As a gamer, do you know if steam is down or if your provider is experiencing problems? Is Facebook down? Or is Instagram down? Maybe you click to watch a video only to wonder “is YouTube down or is my ISP having an issue?”.

Maybe you are experiencing WiFi outages but how do you know for sure? How often are you asking “is there an Internet outage near me?” but cannot confirm local problems because outage sites report only large outages. Are others in your area experiencing Internet problems today? If neighbors use the service too, you’ll know when problems are neighborhood wide.

Our hardware agent lets you switch between wired and wifi connections, allowing you to monitor WiFi, LTE / 4G / 5G.
Enable the automated WiFi speed test and see how your wireless is performing.

Our software automates the process of monitoring Internet performance issues.