For the previous, aka, customers

At, we understand that change can be both intriguing and daunting, and that’s why we created this short article to address questions that come in from previous monitor-io customers now and then.

The two main questions are

Is the service identical: No, but you’ll find OutagesIO just as useful for monitoring your Internet service and provider. Note that unlike monitor-io, hardware is optional, used if you would prefer not keeping a PC on or need constant monitoring.

Check out our demo to get some idea of what to expect.

Can my monitor-io hardware be used?: Yes, you’ll be able to use your old monitor-io hardware CAN be used with OutagesIO. Read on to learn more.

Let’s talk about the above answers with some additional details.

No hardware is needed to get started

Unlike the monitor-io service, no hardware is actually required to get started. Simply download, install, and start monitoring – it’s that easy. We support Windows, Linux, ARM, AR71xx, and RAMIPS devices.

OutagesIO hardware is optionalDon’t want to keep a PC on?

If you don’t want to keep a PC on for continuous monitoring, our hardware agent is your answer. It’s a compact device that houses our powerful software, ensuring uninterrupted service without any hassles. It uses less than one watt of power, never misses a problem, is self updating, and can be used with either our free Community service or our Extended reports which are only $4.00/month.

Note that many additional functions come with our hardware agent such as connecting a camera, gaining a private DNS server, being able to go from wired to wireless monitoring and even enabling an access point if you need one to connect wireless devices to.

Internet accessible dashboard

While not the same as the one you might have been used to, it’s easy to use and understand. Our forums are always there to help you too.

Your dashboard shows a heartbeat, a breakdown of Internet problems, outages with details, average times of outages, and a map showing others in your area experiencing problems if they are also using OutagesIO. Optionally enable automated speed testing, flexible alerts, and more.

Outages include a lot of important information, when it happened, how long it lasted, who the problem was with, what hop went down, who owns the hop. This is useful for those who want more details.

Access your dashboard over the Internet, using a mobile or other location if the monitored location is currently down.

Can I use my existing monitor-io hardware?

Because your hardware is ARM based, our monitoring agent will run on your device. Note however that at the moment, the display will no longer work as you are used to. However, you can optionally enable email alerts to know when your Internet is down even if you aren’t at that location. And of course, all logged events will be in your OutagesIO dashboard.

If there is enough demand and enough devices to make it worthwhile, we may offer an update that would display problems similar to what you were used to.
If you’d like to be notified when this becomes available, please send an email to the following address (image to deter spammers) and we’ll send you a note when it’s ready.

alternative to,

Please be sure to include a working mail address and at least your first name

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