We have a great ISP, Cable Systems of Nevada. They’re very small serving only our community in southern Utah (SunRiver retirement community in St George) and one community in southeast Nevada.
They are very responsive, but they have been having their own problems for a couple of months with intermittent outages of an unknown source. Consequently our many outages were ascribed to their problems. At last they were finally able to resolve their issues last week, but….we were still going up and down like a yo-yo.
They just kept advising us to reboot the router and all would be well, and it would be for a day or an hour – that advice definitely didn’t SOLVE our problem.¬†On Friday they said they would send out a tech on Monday to check things out. So I had the weekend to find some kind of internet outages detector to prove we had problems.

I am a 75 year-old housewife, but I did work as a network administrator before retiring 18 years ago. Believe me, NOTHING in technology stays the same for 18 years, so I know very little about systems and networks today, and most every outage detector I found was way too complicated to be helpful for me.
I resorted to using the logs in the Event Viewer’s Universal Telemetry Client on my Win10 PC, looking for every #55 entry that was “true”.
It didn’t take long for that to drive me crazy (and that’s a pretty short trip at my age), so I went back on the hunt for something I could use that would make sense to me.

That’s when I came across outagesio.com and looked at their demo. It was something I could definitely read and understand! When the tech came yesterday, I showed him a printout of our outages monitored by outagesio.com.

He was impressed and could definitely SEE that we had something wrong.

He replaced some equipment and now we’re running smoothly again.

Thanks for allowing free use of your “lite” product – it was exactly what I needed!