A while ago I was having intermittent internet loss with my WOW service. I own my Surfboard Modem and Netgear WNDR4300v2 Router.
After a frustrating few weeks of calling WOW customer service, getting told to reboot my modem, reboot my router, everything is fine for a while then the cycle repeats. Of course, WOW says everything in FINE on their end, and it must be my equipment.
Then I stumbled across outagesio.com. I loaded the software agent on my wife’s Toshiba laptop, changed settings so it stayed on when she closed the cover, and started gathering data. Sure enough, outagesio.come pointed right to ISP dropping out. 
Armed with that data, I confidently called WOW and told them I was using monitoring software that identified the problem was THEIRS! They sent a tech out who identified a problem with filtering at the pole. Sent second tech out who was qualified to make the changes. PROBLEM SOLVED! 
I’ve been running good for about 10 months now, and something changed that is causing the whole cycle to start again. This time I figure it is well worth the small outlay to use the hardware agent. I like all the features you’ve built into it.
You have my unrestricted permission to use the above as a testimonial, or however else it will help promote your tools.
Thank you,