(Above image shows just part of what outagesio.com tracks to help you find your Internet outage problems.)


After a year of outages, John now knows why his broadband is down.

We are always glad when customers take the time to write us and share how outagesio.com solved Internet outage issues or fixed network connection problems.  John wrote in to tell us how he used the Community version of outagesio.com to find out why his broadband outages kept happening.  We asked him what made him submit his testimonial to us and here’s what he said:

“I had a year with multiple daily outages and that seriously compromised my use of broadband service. My service provider refuted fault status. Data from outagesio.com line analysis resulted in immediate action from the service provider. (I sent data to the CEO!)  Because the desired result has been achieved I had logged off and uninstalled the agent. Please do use as a reference, it is an accurate summary and it’s the least I can do to say thanks.”

John Griffin

We know firsthand how frustrating it can be when broadband outages occur and your provider doesn’t believe you. Whether it is a network connection issue or an Internet outage, outagesio.com can show you if the problem is at your home/office, at your Internet provider, or beyond your service provider (at their upstream provider).

outagesio.com works with any Internet provider you use, tracking and monitoring how their service is doing. Hopefully, you won’t have to suffer with broadband outages for a year or escalate to the CEO to get it resolved, like our customer John did.

When you use outagesio.com, you can also post your reports to Facebook and other social media sites.  We’ve discovered that posting actual proof of the issues you are having on your provider’s social media page can inspire them get things resolved!   

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