Is any one tool famous? Is there one tool for every job? Usually not.

I could share some tools and even RMM solutions such as Zabbix but the question is a little ambiguous.

In an enterprise environment, there are many aspects to a network including local and remote networks/clients so quite often, there are many tools being used to get an aggregated understanding of how things are going.

Searching the Internet for ‘network monitoring’ leads to over 724 million results using Google. We can narrow that down to 52 million results using ‘centralized network monitoring’ so one would need to keep refining the search looking for more specific keywords.

The main thing to understand is that usually it takes a number of tools to get a usable, aggregated result for almost anything that is complex. OutagesIO can be used stand alone or alongside existing centralized network monitoring tools and can show details that those tools may not show or may not show as quickly. 

Even in networking, a toolbox is needed.