Six Outlet Remote Control Smart Home Power Strip


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This is a new offering and as such, may involve additional steps, changes, updates etc.
However, your hardware will function perfectly well as we continue to develop on the application side.

Five controllable outlets, one always on

Please read before ordering:

Like hardware agents, OutagesIO smart devices are associated to a specific agent ID and its dashboard.
Please be sure to create an account on then install an agent.

An account on OutagesIO is needed so we can provide you with remote controls. Once activated, you can control your devices from anywhere in the world using only a browser. No apps are required to control your devices.

When you receive and activate your new device, you will be asked for the agent ID to associate with. Smart plugs are typically installed at the same location where the Internet and provider are being monitored. Associating the agent ID and the device allows all controls to be situated into one dashboard for that location.

Activating your smart device
After ordering, you will receive an email with activation details. Your paypal email address will be used.
Once you receive your order, simply log into and use the information found in the email to activate your device. The activation process assigns the agent to your account and to the agent you would like to see its controls from.

If you do not receive your activation email (check your spam/junk box too), please contact us for help.

Non refundable
Devices are put through extensive tests when being prepared and configured for shipping. As we are reselling various manufacturers, these devices are NON REFUNDABLE and cannot be returned as it is not possible to resell used devices that may have been improperly used, reset or abused. That said, if you have problems, you can post in our forums and we’ll do everything possible to help you.

Our devices require local WiFi to function. Your WiFi device must provide DHCP IP’s which most do.
Part of the preparation process includes our putting the device in Access Point (AP) mode. This means that when you receive it, you will power it up then use a phone or tablet that has wireless to find your device.

You will find it listed by it’s 12 character MAC address, information we will have provided.

At this point, open a browser on your phone/tablet and enter as the IP address and the device page will appear.
The page is the wireless configuration where you can now enter your local WiFi device name and password.
The smart device will will immediately connect to your network and disconnect from your phone/tablet.

To reach it locally, simply find the IP assigned to it from your WiFi router and go to that IP.
To reach it remotely, once activated, its controls will be found on under the IoT menu and the agent dashboard.

We use various off the shelf devices that run our custom software. The device you receive may or may not look like or be exactly as pictured. If this is important to you, contact us through the forums to see what we have on hand.

While we do not build the hardware, we try to pick well known, long lasting devices that will run for many years to come.

These devices are NOT meant to be used directly on the Internet as they are not security hardened. They are meant to be installed inside of the local (LAN) network to act as just another client on your network.

These devices do not advertise themselves once you have configured the local WiFi. This means that it should be practically impossible for drive-by hackers to find your device or hack into it unlike many insecure devices sold as smart ones.

Our smart hardware cannot and do not sniff packets meaning that it is not possible for these devices to monitor your activities in any way.

Please see our privacy policy

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