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Read about how SCI Engineering saved nearly a million in damage thanks to this device.

Sensor lifetime: OutagesIO cannot guarantee what the lifetime of the sensor might be. We have been using this same sensor for upwards of 4 years in some equipment rooms without problems. Lifetime will depend on the number of particulates in the air that could eventually block or filter the sensor rendering it inaccurate. Ensuring it remains clean of debris will help it last longer.

Global shipping problems: Please be sure your country is not experiencing problems with shipments from other countries. We have had problems with shipments sometimes disappearing going to AU and other countries for example. The packages supposedly never arrive but are never sent back to us either.
We cannot refund these because tracking shows they made it to the other country. If the item comes back, we will offer to refund assuming the device is not damaged, or to re-ship.

Important: Hardware agents are independent of reports and can be used with our free or paid levels. Hardware agents are typically used when continuous monitoring is required without having to keep a PC on 24/7 and also come with a built-in DNS server for web browsing security and webcam support. 

Hardware agents are NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be returned as it is not possible to resell pre-owned devices that may have been improperly used, reset, or abused.

Please read before ordering:

Activating your agent (IMPORTANT)
After ordering, you will receive an email with activation details. You must create an account on app.outagesio.com where you will find an activation function. The activation process assigns the agent to your account. If you do not receive your activation email (check your spam/junk box too), please contact us for help.

Requires a free Ethernet DHCP enabled port on your router/modem and a standard 1amp (or more) USB power supply. Please connect your Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the agent. Make sure ICMP is not blocked by your firewall as this is one of the protocols used to test for outages.

Speed testing limit
These devices have 100Mbps ports. If speed testing is enabled, keep this in mind.

Power requirement if adding a USB device
If adding anything such as a webcam or sensor please be sure to use a minimum 2 amps power supply to ensure the agent and your USB device get enough power.

We use various off-the-shelf devices that run our custom software. The device you receive may or may not look like or be the same as the item shown. Devices are typically around 2″ to 3″ square, and come with a USB cable. The USB power supply is generally not included.

We support devices as long as we possibly can which is typically one to three years. In some cases, our hardware agents have been running for well over six years. However, due to constantly changing operating systems, we have no control over, there are times when we have to stop supporting certain hardware because they will no longer run our software.

These agents are NOT meant to be used directly on the Internet as they are not security hardened. They are meant to be installed inside of the local network to act as just another client on your network.

Our agents cannot and do not sniff packets meaning that the monitoring is of your connectivity and not where you are visiting over the Internet. Even if our agent could sniff packets, you would have to give it port mirroring access on your switch so that it could see all incoming and outgoing traffic. This is not something we support in our consumer products.

Please see our privacy policy.

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