Our managed Internet outage monitor service can alert the right IT people in your company when specific locations are no longer communicating. Who better to dig through connectivity data then report problems than the ones actively developing it. No learning curve, no training needed, we’ll handle all of the monitoring for you.

Set each location as needed

As your IT people install agents, they specify the types of problems to be notified about and for which locations. They might want to know about disconnections or low bandwidth problems as they show up while in other cases, waiting a while, say 30 minutes to see if the location comes back online or gets back to normal might be more appropriate. Notifications are set by you IT and alerts come to us so we can investigate then report.

When alerts are sent, OutagesIO support will check to see what is going on then contact the appropriate person in charge of that location as needed.

Examples include locations experiencing disconnections but no IP outages, IP outages, low bandwidth and even security scans to ensure firewall ports that are not authorized do not suddenly show up.

The cost of the service is $125/hour with billing being in 15 minute increments.

This service is available to enterprise members which is a free upgrade when you install 20+ agents. Agents are billed at the applicable discount rate determined by the number of agents installed. Reporting incidents are summed up and included in the billing at the end of each month.

Managed Internet Outages Analytics

In addition, depending on the type of traffic being generated, OutagesIO may be able to provide some additional analytics.
Data can be broken down in different ways. For example:

  • Most or least reliable Internet provider
  • Most or least non IP related disconnections. ie: low signal levels (cable, wireless)
  • Which providers have the most IP related outages
  • What are the weak points of each provider or their own upstream provider
  • Which are consistently providing or unable to provide promised speeds
  • Which areas suffer the most problems, in states, cities, towns, neighborhoods, rural, etc.
  • If monitoring environment, locations with the most temperature or humidity, or other changes.

Take advantage of our Internet outage monitoring service and support team if knowing about connectivity issues is critical to your business.
Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk about your application.