Take advantage of a one hour online meeting with an OutagesIO developer and quickly learn how you can use the service to monitor your Internet and provider. The meeting will be a hands on demonstration and explanation on how the service and related tools work.

Sometimes, being able to speak with someone rather than reading a lot of text goes a long way. If you have an agent installed using our free Community reports, we’ll include 30 days free of Extended reports so you can review what you learned.

As part of our Enterprise offering, we include email and phone support and find that online meetings are often the best way to get things done.

Considering the free and/or low price of our non Enterprise service, it just isn’t possible to spend hours with members which is why we offer free help in our forums.

That said, we’ve had a fair number of requests and have decided to try this offering of one hour with a dev for $50.00.

You can use your hour in any way you like. For example, as an introduction to our service if you’ve never used it before or as live help if you are already using it but would like to better understand certain features.

Your hour can begin at what ever level you like. If you already know how to install and update software agents, then we can start at some other point. Due to time zone differences, you and the dev will set up a time that works for both and you can prepare a list of questions of items you’d like to go over once the meeting starts.

Once done, we are sure you’ll find that using OutagesIO is even easier no matter if you are using our free reports or the upgraded Extended ones. From that point on, if you need any additional help, our forums are always here for you.  

If interested, please use the contact form on this site. Include your username on app.outagesio.com if you have one, at least one agent ID if you have one and to which email address we can send a paypal invoice to.

Once everything is confirmed, the dev will contact you and you can schedule a meeting time.

And as always, we appreciate that you are using OutagesIO to solve Internet and provider issues.