It’s Summer 2020 and with everything that is going on with COVID-19, reliable Internet access is critical.

Internet and other service technicians are just as stressed about walking into customers’ homes or offices as their customers are about being visited. With more employees working from home, work loads for technicians in the field will certainly increase.

Whether working from home or self quarantining, the Internet plays a critical role keeping us informed and connected to our work.  It also helps us stay connected socially and gives us some entertainment and stress relief in tough times. A health check for Internet connectivity.

For organizations that have or manage many Internet connected locations, shows individual and correlated Internet related issues such as disconnections, outages, low bandwidth and other metrics. Events are shown in near-real-time, logged and optionally, alerts sent to admins. Reports show where, when, how many locations were involved, which provider/s and much more. 

Unlike centralized monitoring, reports are generated from each locations perspective generating a bigger picture of events and giving IT personnel a quick way to verify where and when problems are even after they have occurred. Was a whole business park down, was it an entire street, a section of town, city? All locations and providers if multiples will be shown.

See if Internet outages are affecting one street, a section of town, or even a whole city. shows if there is a problem at one location or if there is a switch/router or other device affecting many locations. No need to send personnel to customer premises when you know the problems aren’t there.

The agent only requires a free DHCP-enabled Ethernet port and 5V/1amp USB power to run. Nothing else to install–a huge solution packed into a tiny IoT device.

We’ve reduced the cost of our hardware agents at this time to encourage more people to use as their monitoring solution. We believe can help reduce IT visits and will become part of your network tool box as life gets back to normal.

If you are a consumer looking to troubleshoot your Internet, check out our free community version of the service,

If we can help you, please feel free to contact us.