Add your own data in your OutagesIO dashboard

When developing software applications using Internet of things (IoT) devices like mini routers, raspberry pi and other development boards, having the ability to view outputs or send control commands and signals back to remote devices are critical aspects of overall functionality.

Sure, using the term Internet of things might sound dated to some but it’s a valid description that many use. In our case, we mean that we are interested in seeing OutagesIO being used for more than what it does now by allowing the integration of various types of data into the current dashboard.

While this post may come across as a little ambiguous, the reason for that is that we are interested in working with others but we do not yet have a specific plan laid out. This post is our attempt to have developers reach out to us and see what we might be able to accomplish together.

Internet monitoring AND your data

OutagesIO provides Windows, Linux, OpenWrt and ARM agents that run on many x86 boards, Raspberry Pi #a, 3B+, 4 and other Aarch64 (ARM 64) based boards. By combining our Internet monitoring dashboard, alerts and historical data with the data you’d like to see, the result can be everything in one place with global access to as many locations as are required.

Our devs love trying new things and coming up with interesting ideas. With that in mind, we are offering to cooperate with developers that would be interested in seeing their devices output combined with our Internet monitoring tools.

Custom agents

Every so often, a developer or a company will contact us asking if there might be a possbility of adding certain features or integrating into an existing product. The development of our features are decided upon based on wether members would use them or not.

However, there could be a case where a developer or company would maintain a custom version which they sell or make available to their customers. Those agents would work with OutagesIO, community or extended for example.

Joint development

An API is something we would like to eventually have but for now, our offer is to evaluate each requirement to see if it will fit the following requirements;

  • Is it an operating system that we currently support
  • Is it something that other members can use and if so, few or many is a factor
  • Will it fit into what we already have in terms of dashboards
  • Will it require adding alerts and historical data
  • Will it add a significant amount of additional communications data
  • How much time will it take to build out
  • The more you can provide, the better such as helping with any graphs, etc.

If approved, you would work with our developer and after being tested, would provide us with the final program, source code and any documentation we might need to support it.

The source code is needed in case an author decides to abandon their effort after we have invested the time and costs involved in adding the functionality that other members are not enjoying.

Each idea will be unique to what ever is being brought to the table and we’ll work with you to try and make it worth everyones time.

Our passion as developers is trying new things and coming up with interesting ideas. We like seeing how we can continuously improve what we’ve already built by adding  functionality that members and new members alike would find useful.

If interested, contact us using our ‘reach out to us’ page.