Hybrid RMM For Enterprise, IT Support, ISP, MSP, Schools, Employers

Monitor any number of locations, Internet services and providers for support and accountability.

Finds and tracks connection issues with alerts. Minimizes frustration and downtime. Saves time and money supporting customer locations, equipment rooms, alarm and telehealth systems. Helps when supporting remote employees, students and more.

For Windows 7, 8, 10, Centos 7, 8, Debian 7, Ubuntu, ARM (Raspberry, Tinker Board and others). Optional hardware agent available.

Enterprise, Multi-location RMM Benefits

  • Two minute software or optional hardware install.
  • Near real time map highlights all locations experiencing issues.
  • Monitor one or thousands of Internet-connected locations and devices.
  • Reduces support calls and truck rolls saving time and money.
  • Optional environment sensor and encrypted remote access to LANs.
  • Tracks historical service details for each location.
  • Provides details of Internet interruptions, lost productivity.
  • Earn more by adding OutagesIO a value-added service for your customers.
  • Offers proof of Internet outages and  network slowdowns you can share with the network operating / provider.

Quick overview for each location

Standard Organization Features:      

Overview map 

The organization overview map shows any and all locations needing attention along with what the alert is related to such as disconnected, unauthorized open port, a change in environment conditions and so on. Historical data and reports make it easy for IT to find and fix problems.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) 

OutagesIO includes free DDNS (Dynamic DNS) which can be enabled for any agent.

Team members need not remember changing IP’s because a convenient URL is placed in each agent dashboard when DDNS is enabled and the agent is in Active status.

Dynamic DNS DDNS

Automatic speed testing 

Shows ongoing baseline test of download, upload speeds and latency for each location. Agents automatically run speed tests based on various conditions. Results are shown in each agent dashboard and average speeds are shown in the agents list. Low bandwidth alerts can also be set.

Internet speed testing

Included with our Hardware Agent:

Connect a camera 

OutagesIO hardware agents allow a compatible (UVC) webcam to be connected.

Access credentials, resolution and other settings are provided in the camera settings page and a convenient access link is placed in the dashboard.

Security camera

Private DNS server 

OutagesIO hardware agents come with a DNS server built in. Use it for redundancy or for DNS privacy. Useful in cases where DNS profiling may be required, especially in light of net neutrality.
Easily avoid provider DNS and large well known publicly available DNS services.

WiFi/LTE/4G/5G monitoring 

OutagesIO hardware agents can be used to monitor wired or wireless Internet services such as LTE 4G/5G.

Enabling wireless monitoring is as simple as entering a few fields in the wireless section of the dashboard and the network will automatically switch to wireless or wired.


wireless, LTE, 4G/5G

Alerts, Notifications, Historical data:

Enable security scan

Organization reports come with a security scan option. OutagesIO will continuously check the location where the agent is installed and your team member should an unauthorized port open. This option can be used to monitor the reach-ability of any Internet-connected device too.

The first step toward privacy, especially in light of net neutrality is finding DNS services which are not your providers and especially avoiding large well known publicly available free servers. Hardware agents ordered from our site come with a DNS server built in. 

Flexible notifications 

Team members can enable, disable or customize alerts and notifications for each location. Flexible notifications allow various options and combinations that suit each locations requirements. Notifications can be email, dashboard alerts, and optional SMS. 


mobile and pc notifications

Historical / trends

Internet downtime can be very costly in terms of time, money and business losses.

Accountability is the number one reason that OutagesIO was founded. No more mystery outages or finger pointing. Hard facts are shown for each location monitored.

Special options that work with our hardware agent:

Environment Sensors with alerts 

An optional environment sensor can be added to OutagesIO hardware agents. Sensor enabled agents can run sensors only or they can run sensors and Internet monitoring simultaneously along with all other features.
The sensor monitors temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, sound, air quality, vibration and even seismic activity at the location it is installed at. Each metric can be set to alert someone if an upper or a lower level has been reached.

For example, if temperatures go below or higher than a set range or if humidity becomes too high, alerts can be sent. Notifications can be via email, dashboard only and SMS.

Learn more about our combined environment and Internet monitoring solution here.

Remote Access Service (RAS) 

Secure, encrypted access to remote LAN’s, networks without opening firewall ports.

One of OutagesIO RMM features is our Remote Access Service (RAS) that gives members direct access to devices on remote resources without having to open firewall ports. If there is nothing interesting for hackers to see, they will move on to another potential target.

RAS is the perfect way to give admins direct access to configuration screens, firewalls, even remote desktops (RDP) at remote customer networks, unmanned equipment rooms, cabinets and countless other situations.

Learn more about our Remote Access Service (RAS).

Mix hardware and software

Windows and Linux Internet outage monitoring

Monitor Internet outages with Windows and Linux softwareOur software runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10, Centos 7, 8, Debian 7, Ubuntu, ARM like Raspberry, Tinker Board and others. 

Download an agent while at the customer location or pre-order hardware agents, the choice is always yours depending on the requirement.

Always on monitoring

Optional hardware agent

Hardware agent provides always on Internet monitoringNo server available?  Our agents use little power, are self updating, on the job 24/7, never missing a thing. Each has a built in DNS server for redundancy and privacy.

Can be used to monitor wired or wireless including LTE, 4G and 5G services.

What do Internet outages and slowdowns cost your company, remote employees, or home-schooled students?

Monitor Internet downtimeProof and facts:  Sometimes it’s hard to for support to help remote people without enough information. With OutagesIO installed at each remote location, IT can not only receive alerts to problems but have ongoing history to work with each Internet provider. Reports show details on Internet disconnections, outages, slow speeds and overall downtime. Reports can be shared, downloaded as an image or Excel.

Interruptions: It can take up to 23 minutes to get back on task when you’re interrupted. Which is one reason Internet downtime and dropped connections can be frustrating. Plus, network issues make working from home, online classes, and Zoom meetings tough.  Additionally, Internet outages can come and go, which makes finding the problem a challenge. OutagesIO.com helps by showing you where the problems are happening.