outagesio.com Internet troubleshooting gives actionable facts on how you r service is working
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The Inside View: Monitoring Outages and Internet Downtime 

Whether you need Internet troubleshooting for home and business, outagesio.com has tools  to monitor your Internet service problems from your perspective. While providers do a good job of monitoring overall services, they often can’t see the problem you are experiencing with their service. Getting help means having to convince the provider the problem exists and you need to have it fixed.

By installing an outagesio.com monitoring agent at your location, reports will show exactly when, where and who is having an issue:  in the building, with the provider or beyond the local provider, whether the outages have been reported or not. Reports show the last 50 events your connection has experienced.  Enabling instant notifications can alert you when a problem is happening with your connection.

Software and Hardware Versions

The outagesio.com software runs on Windows 7/8/10, Centos7, Debian7, Ubuntu and others. Simply download install and monitor.

We also offer a hardware agent for those that do not want to keep a PC on 24/7 and/or don’t want to miss any events. Our hardware agents are a one time purchase. They are self updating, use only around 1 watt of power and run non-stop, logging every single potential issue. Simple to use, just plug it into your local router or modem, activate it using the information provided and it will immediately get to work monitoring.

outagesio.com is all about giving you easy-to-use tools that allow monitoring Internet connections and online services and devices.  Best of all,
outagesio.com is free, easy to learn and use for non-technical consumers yet includes a lot of details for those interested in digging deeper.

Tracking your Internet connection and provider

For everyone

outagesio.com can be used by anyone that wants to better understand how their Internet service is behaving. When suffering from Internet connectivity issues, it inevitably comes down to having no facts, no way to get help, especially after the problems go away. Contacting your provider’s support line after a problem simply adds to frustrations when being told “everything looks fine” at their end. Often, the first tier of tech support is mainly checking signals and not routing issues.

Outage sites

Network operators pay top dollar to make sure you see their reported outages when you search for “outage” using your favorite search engine. This makes it much harder to find solutions like outagesio.com which can help expose issues affecting the service in your own area.

Most outage sites get their information from the same sources: network providers posting about their own outages, or various points around the Internet reporting problems. This information is scraped together into basic outage reports that may or may not be helpful to you.

While large outages can affect you, most of your problems are probably in your own area. How often has your Internet misbehaved and you searched for outages online or contacted the provider, only to be told no outages have been reported in your area? You know your Internet connection is not solid, but there’s no proof. Are you the only one having issues? Probably not.

The endless tech support loop

By the time you’ve made your way through the phone tree to a real person, or have been told to reboot this and that, it starts working again. You hang up frustrated, knowing you’ve experienced problems but without any way to show this for more help.

If you’re lucky enough to have some proof, it is often dismissed as something on your end because they can’t see it on their own network, so it must be you. Same advice, reboot your modem or router and try again.

Ever wonder if neighbors are experiencing the same problems? Motivate a few neighbors to monitor as well so you can correlate your findings. This will help you be armed with accurate data to post on your provider’s tech forum or social media page to get help. When others are experiencing similar problems, it becomes hard to dismiss yours.

Clarity starts with outagesio.com

Once you start monitoring your services, your reports will show you everything about your connection. You’ll begin to see what is really going on, even if your provider doesn’t know about the problems or is unwilling to admit to any.

outagesio.com is non intrusive, monitoring only the connectivity and not what you visit or search. outagesio.com is 100% anti profiling. We believe providing good services is how businesses should earn their customers, not by profiling everything customers do. 

The Internet has become one of our most important resources, but not everyone has a reliable connection. Plus, getting help with issues can be difficult, even overwhelming, when your Internet is down, especially if you need your service for work or business.

If you post your Internet issues on your provider’s social pages, often, they’ll ask you to privately message them and seem to work harder on taking care of the problems. However, those suffering ongoing intermittent problems can find themselves feeling alone and unable to get help as the problems show up and disappear between tech support calls. 

It’s frustrating when customer service reps act as if you don’t know what you are talking about.  Jumping through the tech support hoops can get tiring and often the issues get resolved without the provider ever admitting there was something wrong.  We’ve experienced this firsthand with our own customers as we’ve tried to get to the bottom of their technical issues.

You’ve got issues and you can prove it!
helps by providing hard facts about problems related directly to your own Internet service but it also gives you the opportunity to correlate information with others in your area.

There is power in numbers. One person can easily be dismissed, but when many are seeing the same things, it can help the provider take the issues seriously, do necessary upgrades and/or repairs.

By motivating others in your area to monitor you can then compare your reports and see trends in your Internet connectivity. We’ve experienced it ourselves, being told “you don’t understand how our services work” or “how do you know that second hop is down?” and yet our data helped get the problems fixed.  Having proof makes a big difference in how seriously your provider takes your concerns.


Is outagesio.com really free?
Yes, anyone can use our Community level reports to find and fix problems and help is only a forum question away. In fact, our forums contain many posts from members that have solved issues using our free reports.

Reports may be optionally upgraded and options enabled/disabled. Many small to mid-sized IT companies re-sell outagesio.com as a bundled and managed add-on to their customers. Optional upgrades are month to month with no contracts or obligations. Most hardware upgrades are a one time cost only.

Being Internet consumers ourselves, we know how difficult it is to get help especially if you do not have any hard data. We also understand that consumers can find it difficult to pay for a service to monitor a service they are already paying for. While it is great to see high speed plans being offered, the problem is that speeds keep going up while reliability may be overlooked.

Many count on their services for work, security, telehealth and many other reasons and outagesio.com exists to give technical and non technical Internet consumers a way of helping their providers help them gain highly reliable services.  

Oh there’s a catch right? There’s always a catch
No catch. outagesio.com, offers a free version that anyone can use.

Our organization level is geared toward enterprise that allows managing very large numbers of agents/locations and shows live map overviews of overall conditions with instant alers and more.

There is power in numbers
The more people that use outagesio.com, the more outage data we can collect in order to make your reports more and more accurate as we continue to develop our services. If you’d like to see how your neighborhood is doing, motivate others around you to install agents at their locations and you will begin to see the power of outagesio.com.

You should know that we will always stake our reputation on the following paragraphs:

outagesio.com is absolutely anti profiling. We believe that companies should get back to earning their keep by offering great services and not by selling off everything about their members.

outagesio.com does not share any personal information whatsoever. As a free service, no financial information is asked for or saved. Hardware or other purchases are sent directly to PayPal.

What data do we keep
When you add an agent, you are asked to enter its location via a map application. This is to ensure consistent location data for all agents installed.

Street addresses, GEO location and ZIP/Postal code are used to help correlate problems in your region though are never shown publicly. Agent locations could be shown on one of our maps but show only multiple agent locations without any personal information.

Only the above information is kept long term. If we or you remove your account, the performance data is kept but even the limited personal information that we have is removed as no longer needed.