This page offers two alternative downloads of our software agent


One is an .exe file and the other is an .msi file


These versions are identical to the .zip file that we offer during the installation process. No matter which version is being used, you must have an account on and be using the installation method and steps outlined on the site. The software is useless without an account to assign the agent to, yours.

We do everything possible to ensure that our software is safe and secure to use, including purchasing expensive code-signing certificates. Even with these steps, virus software and even Windows itself often flags software as unsafe or insecure to install.

This is an increasingly unfair practice that software makers are constantly challenged with and sometimes, no matter what steps we take, the software gets flagged.

Your machine may have a security filter that doesn’t like .exe or .msi or .zip and so we make the following links available.
Simply download the version you would like to try then continue with the installation, entering the install keys when asked to.

Our msi agent can be found here;
Our .exe version can be found here;

One of these should work for you without throwing any errors or warnings.